Sunday, September 25, 2011

salt an pepper - clay model

first from left - salt holder ,right side- pepper holder(half open bud)

salt and pepper shaker (iterations)

one of the iteration of salt and pepper shaker,were in the spoon is attached to the lid.

Salt and pepper shaker - 2 half - exploration

Refining the shape of bud- trying to move away from organic shape yet the bud.

Form explorations
- following the lotus bud shape,keeping in mind the salt and pepper holder.

Salt and pepper shaker- 2 seperate container- her the shape tells you which is salt and pepper.
The idea is that the closed bud is te salt container.The half open bud forms the pepper contianer.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Persona---target audience

Persona is been created based on various interviews,survey (questionnaire), face to face interaction and experimentation with people in and around Bangalore.

Material board

Since the beginning of the project , deciding on the material is been a crucial thing.The above board displays different material(metal ware /earthenware).Broadly chosen having in mind about the production and client need.

This kind of thiking from the beginning to this this point of my project has helped me choose on particular material.

lotus--- deeper

Bugs hovering around the lotus makes it even more interesting (story ).

Lotus seed pod stands out along the lotus around with its unique features.
The popping out seeds are very interesting element.

Lotus apart from its beautiful petals, there are alot to be observed.The stem, lotus seed pod,bees, leaves with its scientific qualities of resistance and strength.This has led me explore ideas for the product line.