Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Second Panel Meeting

Product and Interface Design
Diploma Project 2011

Minutes of the meeting - Second Diploma Panel Meeting

Date and Time: 26.8.2011 at 12.30 PM at N2 campus

Panel members: Nandini, Meera, Agnishika

Today’s Presentation

Theme and inspirational element of the project.

Presented research work on present trend, through visits to craft shops and exhibitions in Bangalore.
Information on customers choice .

Questionnaire and interviews with people.

Making process of brass.

Discussed about the product line ,iterations and models.

Strengthen the theme(product line).

Feedbacks and comments

Following were the feedbacks given on my work

to move on to the next stage of ideation.

Play around the shape and keep it simple and nice.

To get into testing and observation.

Material finishes.

Goal – Next Panel meeting

Four iterations with worked out parts.

Brass – enamel finishes (Other finishes)

Testing and observation(practical usage)

Functionality – an edge to the product

Next meeting: 9.9.2011

Monday, August 22, 2011

research - visit to dasthakar



Research -trends

Report - Research based on visits(lifestyle stores, designer works , online product websites)

  • The product has to be presentable and attractive.

  • Metal is always in demand.

  • They prefer clean smooth finish with glossy finish.

  • Metal combined with glass or stone is also preffered.

  • Minimalistic design is in.

  • Product with added function is also liked.

  • Expecting the product to be timeless than just being utilitarian.

  • Simplistic , geometric,designs with an intersting element to the design is what people are looking for.

  • Product has to have universal appeal.


Notes - Material

Metals are used by the process of casting or molding. Sheets and wires of metals can easily be drawn due to the malleable and ductile quality and finds high application in the art and crafts.

Brass is a great metal to cast with as it can provide some really great looking results. The low melting point makes brass a really great material for metal casting since even the smaller home grown furnaces can be used. By adding and subtracting alloys from bronze one can successfully make hard or soft bronzes. Aluminum and tin are sometimes added to bronze to create a layer that is not corrosive and very durable. Of course, for the home foundry users, playing alchemist isn’t really an option or necessary and scrap brass is perfectly acceptable in many cases. Locating scrap pieces of brass should be sufficient enough for whatever project you have in mind. Due to brass’ gleam and yellow shine, many artists will use the alloy for sculptures, jewelry, and other decorative items.

Brass casting, as the name suggests, involves the use of brass as the molten metal. Brass casting can be carried out by the way of sand casting only. Sand casting can be defined as a ‘cast part’ produced by formation of a mold from a mixture of sand and pouring the casting liquid (mostly molten metal) into mold. Then the air-cooling of the mold takes place. After the solidification of metal, the removal of mold takes place. The metal used here is brass. It is a known fact that brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Hence, to be precise, the molten metal consists of two elements.

Brass casting methodsGenerally there are three casting methods that prove to be suitable for brass casting. Metal casters may choose to experiment with different methods and should not allow themselves to be limited.

Lost Wax casting is usually associated with bronze casting but can also be used for brass and for really any other metal. By using a wax model and covering it with a ceramic shell, artisans are able to inject the molten alloy which replaces the wax. Chipping away the shell will reveal the brass piece.
Lost wax casting is used when a high attention to detail is needed. Artists or metal casters looking to create decorative brass pieces or sculptures will find that the lost wax casting technique will meet their needs far better than other techniques and methods.

Sand casting is probably the oldest type of casting and is still a popular method especially for small foundries. The brass is poured into sand molds and can create a unique look which may be preferred for the artisans. Sand casting tends to be the most economically sensible for small foundries.

research -visit to craft stores

Visits to small craft zones in Bangalore…………

The visits to few stores that showcase handmade products from various parts of India.
The products are unique yet they have unique place in urban space.
The few places I had made visits were Raintree, Cinnamon, The Ants Store, Home Town .
Apart from housing various contemporary design and craft products in several kinds of medium, this unique lifestyle store also has a gallery that regularly exhibits new art, photography
Raintree opposite Winsor Manor is a lifestyle store with various housing handmade craft products (several mediums) with contemporary design. They had products ranging from candle holders, tableware, furniture, mirrors and so on. I had a small chat with concerned person in the store over the trend and customers. She did spare few minutes to answer my questions. Most of the products were of metal combined with other mediums. Metal with other medium is liked by people.
Cinnamon is a gentle and subtle lifestyle store at Lavelle road. They showcase different range of lifestyle products from stoneware, wooden, glassware, leather, metal ware and acrylic. They had products of famous lifestyle product Designers.
The Ants Store is located in Indiranagar , . They showcase the handlooms and crafts mainly of the northeast region, not just to generate and sustain livelihoods but also to stress on the positive stories of the people living there. They are manufacturer and supplier of imitation jewellery, men and women apparels, home furnishing items, bamboo bags, bamboo baskets, bamboo kitchenware and bamboo home decor products. They have beautiful black pottery from Manipur.
It was good to see all the store get basic idea of existing products and material knowledge.
I could see the customer and their preferences. Interaction with people of the store was good.

About Fruit Bowl

Notes – fruit bowl ……………………

Fresh fruit - the healthy and tasty anytime-snack for the whole family. But keeping the bowl and contents healthy is another matter. There are many beautiful bowls on the market and a fruit bowl can become a great centerpiece on your counter or table.
Following are few tips to maintain fruit and the bowl fresh .
1.Any fruit bowl can be a vessel for fresh fruit, but the styles that permit better air circulation can keep fruit in best condition longer.
2.Placing fruit bowl in a visible easy-to-reach location.
3.The fruit bowl needs to be easy to clean to keep it free from flies.
4.Refrigerate your fruit bowl at night. Why leave fresh fruit out in room temperature when everyone is sleeping?
In warm climates where kitchens are considerably above comfortable temperatures, you may have to keep the bowl refrigerated for long daily periods.
So could think of such that part of fruit bowl fits in the fridge.
5.Washing fruit before placing in a bowl can often start the decaying process.
Remove fruit labels and stickers and train your family to always wash fruit before eating.

The above article has given me tips to design fruit bowl keeping in mind the functions of the bowl in different perspectives.

existing fruit bowls

existing candle sand designs



iterations.....(candle stand - moving pin - based on chakra)